Spy Myung-wol: gifs


Some gifs of my favorite drama of this season. Some files are quite big I only put the d/l link, click on the file name to get the gifs.

Feel free to use them with properly credit to my blog. This is just a small gift to the hardworking cast and crew of Spy Myung-wol. Thank you for your efforts you put in the drama. You did an amazing job even in the crisis situation. Thank you.

Eric, I love you!!!
Han Ye-seul, fighting!
Lee Jin-wook and Jang Hee-jin, thank you! I look forward to your next project!


Click on the file name to get the gifs.

Episode 8: Kang Woo’s wild imaginary on Myung-wol, he keeps seeing her everywhere he goes

Spy-Ep8-1 + Spy-Ep8-2 + Spy-Ep8-3

Kang Woo’s fantasy

Spy -Ep8-4, Spy-Ep8-5


Shooting the date scene for the “drama-in-drama”, Ep10
Spy-Ep10-1, Spy-Ep10-2, Spy-Ep10-3, Spy-Ep10-4,

Spy-Ep10-5, Spy-Ep10-6, Spy-Ep10-7, Spy-Ep10-8


Sweet moments, Ep12
Spy-Ep12-1, Spy-E12-2, Spy-E12-3, Spy-E12-4

Spy-E12-5, Spy-E12-6, Spy-E12-7


Happy ending





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